Helping organisations successfully manage cyber and information security.


Securing Digital Channels & Teams

With digital teams using Agile methodologies to deliver increasingly fast and iterative product cycles, attempting to scale traditional security practices and approaches is both resource and cost prohibitive but also ineffective.

FluidLogic work with you to build proven, repeatable and measurable security practices within development, security and product teams and lifecycles. We use real world training, frameworks, metrics and tools that allow over stretched and hard to find security teams to focus on the complex problems rather than day to day basics.

Managing Cloud Platforms & Services

The proliferation of cloud platforms has provided enhanced, agile and scalable capabilities to businesses globally. With this trend, traditional security and risk management approaches have had to adapt to manage the changes in responsibilities, data management and operations.

FluidLogic provide current and proven review, management and testing services to enable businesses to confidently take on and manage cloud services through the IT service lifecycle.

Leadership & Strategy Services

The ability to effectively and sustainably harness technology to sell, manage and communicate with customers and suppliers is now essential for all businesses regardless of industry. Ensuring the you have a tailored and holistic cyber security strategy to protect your systems, employees and customers from the latest threats is integral to your overall success.

FluidLogic has created security strategies for a range of medium and ASX 50 businesses that position businesses to confidently and safely embrace information technology.

Our Clients

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